Fellowship in the organization signifies a major accomplishment in an individual’s career in Aerospace Medicine. The Membership Committee will recommend to the Executive Board candidates for Fellow. Fellow candidates must be CAMA members who have made outstanding contributions to CAMA and will be elected at the CAMA Annual Scientific Meeting by the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority of those in attendance.

1. A candidate for Fellowship must:

2. Priority will be given to those CAMA members who have made significant contributions to civil aviation medicine.

CAMA Fellows:


James Almand, MD

Luis Amezcua, MD

Forrest Bird, MD

Stephen Blizzard, MD

Duane Catterson, MD

Halford Conwell, MD

Robin Dodge, MD

James L. Harris, MEd

John Hastings, MD

Young Stokes, MD

James Tucker, MD

Stacy Vereen, MD

Harold Walgren, MD


Earl Beard, MD

David Bryman, DO

Mark Eidson, MD

Aynalem Gebremarium, MD

James Heins, MD

Richard Jennings, MD, MPH

David Millett, MD, MPH

Hugh O’Neill, MD

Warren Silberman, DO, MPH

Robert Stein, MD

Rodney E. L. Williams, MBBS

Alex Wolbrink, MD


Michael Bagshaw, MD

Clayton T. Cowl, MD, MS

Audie Davis, MD

Susan Northrup, MD

Russell Rayman, MD, MPH

David Rummel, MD


Charles Berry, MD

Michael Berry, MD

Charles Billings, MD

Katherine Helleur, MD

Ernst Hollmann, MD

Stanley Mohler, MD

Gordon Ritter, DO

Albert Van der Waag, MD

Heinz Wykypiel, MD


DeWayne Caviness, MD

Graeme Maclarn, MD

Frederick E. Tilton, MD, MPH

Randall Caviness, MD

Andrew Miller, MD

Farhad Sahiar, MD

Frank Pettyjohn, MD

Estol Belflower, MD

Thomas Faulkner, MD


Avinoam Barlev, MD

Petra Illig, MD

David Salisbury, MD

Per-Johan Cappelen, MD

Story Musgrave, MD


James L. Carpenter, MD

James R. Fraser, MD


Jay A. Danforth, MD

James M. Vanderploeg, MD, MPH


Paulo M. Alves, MD

Denise L. Baisden, MD

Gerald W. Saboe, DO, MPH


Bruce B. Chien, MD

Robert J. Gordon, DO

John S. Raniolo, DO

Reddoch Williams, MD


No fellows designated.


Michael F. Boyer, MD

James R. DeVoll, MD, MPH

Daniel Danczyk, MD, MPH

Edmond F. Feeks, MD, MPH

Fred A. Furgang, MD

Harriet Lester, MD

Gregory A. Pinnell, MD

Sean K. Roden, MD

Richard S. Roth, MD

Sergio B. Seoane, MD


Stephen D. Leonard, MD

Richard Ronan Murphy, MBChB

Leigh L. Speicher, MD

Stephen J.H. Veronneau, MS, MS

Kathleen A. Yodice, Esq., JD


Steven I. Altchuler, MD, PhD

Gary E. Crump

James L. Edwards, MD

Robert Haddon, MD

Alan M. Kozarsky, MD

David G. Schall, MD, MPH

Courtney D. Scott, Jr., DO, MPH

Basil P. Spyropolous, MD


Herminio Cuervo-Delgado, MD, MPH

John E. Freitas, MD

Joseph A. Laguna, MD

Don C. Walker, MD


Matthew M. Cooper, MD, MBA

Sasson Hadar, MD

W. John Long, MBBS, FRCS

Gregory L. Ostrom, MD

John P. Perry, MD


Kris M. Belland, DO, MPH

Christopher F. Flynn, MD

Jeffrey A. Gold, DO

Mark E. Thoman, MD


Charles R. Fisher, MD, MPH

Marsha Reekie, RN

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