CAMA presents a number of awards each year during the Honors Night Banquet at the Annual Scientific Meeting. These awards are an exciting way to recognize not only CAMA members, but also Aviation Medical Examiners and other medical and aviation professionals for their work in the aerospace industry or in the medical profession. An explanation of each award, criteria for consideration of the award, and recipients of each award is provided below:


Award type:

Established by Harvey Watt & Company to recognize an outstanding Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) each year. Audie and Bernice pictured below.

Recipient Criteria:


2004  Charles Berry, MD

2005  Hal Conwell, MD

2006  Robert Stein, MD

2007  Stacy Vereen, MD

2008  DeWayne Caviness, MD

2009  David Bryman, DO

2010  James Almand, MD

2011  Petra Illig, MD

2012  Gordon L. Ritter, DO

2013  Mark C. Eidson, MD

2014  Clayton T. Cowl, MD, M.S.

2015  Warren Silberman, DO, MPH

2016  Courtney D. Scott, Jr., DO, MPH

2017  Gerald W. Saboe, DO, MPH

2018  Andrew H. Miller, MD

2019 Raymond S. Basri, MD, FACS

2020 Michael A. Berry, MD, MS

2021 Richard S. Roth, MD

2022 Fred A. Furgang, MD

2023 Matthew M. Cooper, MD, MBA, FACS

Forest and Pamela Bird in a garden
Photo from AARC.

Watch this 2007 CBS 60 Minutes interview of Dr. Bird by Morley Safer.


Recipient Criteria: (all of the following are acceptable for consideration)


1991 Captain Al Haynes

1992 Robert F. Lash, MD

1993 Robert L. Wick, MD

1994 John K. Lauber, Ph.D

1995 Floyd F. McSpadden, MD

1996 William K. Kershner

1997 Peter V. Siegel, MD

1998 Heinz F. Wykypiel, MD

1999 John D. Hastings, MD

2000 Audie W. Davis, MD, and James L. Harris, M.Ed

2001 Charles E. Billings, MD

2002 Per-Johan Cappelen, MD

2003 Barton Pakull, MD

2004 Felix M. Maguire


2005 Michael Bagshaw, MD

2006 Stephen V. A. Blizzard, MD

2007 Frederick E. Tilton, MD

2008 John and Martha King

2009 Charles A. Berry, MD

2010 Robin E. Dodge, MD

2011 Story Musgrave, MD

2012 Col. Mark Tillman, USAF

2013 James M. Vanderploeg, MD, MPH

2014 James R. Fraser, MD, MPH

2015 Col. Elmo “Mo” Baker, USAF (ret.)


2016 No award designated.

2017 Richard S. Williams, MD, MPH

2018 Donald R. Lee

2019 Gerald Dubowitz, MBChB, MD

2020 Thomas M. McNish, MD, MPH

2021 Thomas J. Tredici, MD
James Richard Hickman, Jr. MD, MPH

2022 Troy Bradley

2023 Byers W. Shaw, MD


Recipient Criteria: Presented annually to the individual(s) who as a CAMA member has demonstrated administrative excellence in support of CAMA and its ideals. James Harris at left in the photo.

2008  James L. & Sammie Harris

2009  A. Duane Catterson, MD

2010  Gordon L. Ritter, DO

2011  Earl Beard, MD

2012  James L. Carpenter, MD

2013  John D. Hastings, MD

2014  David P. Millett, MD, MPH

2015  Russell B. Rayman, MD, MPH

2016  Sherry Sandoval

2017  Robert Haddon, MD, M.S.

2018  Gregory A. Pinnell, MD

2019 Robin Dodge, MD

2020 Richard S. Roth, MD

2021 Edmond F. Feeks, MD, MPH

2022 Mark C. Eidson, MD

2023 R. Ronan Murphy, MBChB


Recipient Criteria:
This award is at the discretion of the CAMA President, designed to recognize an individual who has done the most to promote the CAMA mission during the year. 


1986  Robert Wick, MD

1987  Forrest Bird, MD

1993  Floyd F. McSpadden, MD

1997  Earl F. Beard, MD

1998  Heinz Wykypiel, MD

2000  Sammie Harris

2001  David P. Millett, MD

2002  Warren Silberman, DO, MPH

2005  Luis Amezcua, MD

2008  David A. Bryman, DO

2009  Clayton T. Cowl, MD, M.S.

2011  John D. Hastings, MD

2012  Sherry M. Sandoval

2013  Frederick E. Tilton, MD, MPH

2014  Russell B. Rayman, MD, MPH

2015  Gerald W. Saboe, DO, MPH

2016  Robert Haddon, MD, MS

2017  David G. Schall, MD, MPH

2018  Marcel V. Dionne, MD, MPH

2019 Richard Ronan Murphy, MBChB

2020 Robert J. Gordon, DO

2021 Douglas J. Ivan, MD

2022 Basil P. Spyropoulos, MD

2023 Alison Leston, MD, PhD


Recipient Criteria:

Established and sponsored by the Civil Aviation Medical Association in memory of John A. Tamisiea, MD Awarded annually to an aviation medical examiner or other individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the art and science of aviation medicine in its application to the general aviation field, it is presented at the annual Aerospace Medical Association meeting each spring at its Honors Night gala event.

Learn more about John A. Tamisiea


1963  Herbert F. Fenwick, MD

1964  Delazon S. Bostwick, MD

1965  Neil E. Baxter, MD

1966  George B. McNeely, MD

1967  Howard A. Dishongh, MD

1968  J. Harold Brown, MD

1969  Thomas A. Coates, MD

1970  H. D. Vickers, MD

1971  William Gillespie, MD

1972  James Y. Bradfield, MD

1973  Harold N. Brown, MD

1974  Luis A. Amezcua-G., MD

1975  Robert L. Wick, Jr., MD

1976  Harry L. Gibbons, MD

1977  Harold V. Ellingson, MD

1978  Silvio Finkelstein, MD

1979  Audie W. Davis, Jr., MD

1980  Charles E. Billings, MD

1981  James L. Harris, M.Ed.

1982  Gerald S. Backenstoe, MD

1983  D. Owen Coons, MD, MPH

1984  Milton H. Gordon, MD

1985  John C. Lane, MB, BS


1986  Robert F. Lash, MD

1987  Russell B. Rayman, MD, MPH

1988  Jon L. Jordan, MD, JD

1989  William H. Hark, MD

1990 Charles A. Berry, MD, MPH

1991  Marion C. Wagnon, MD

1992  Robert S. Poole, MD

1993  Robin E. Dodge, MD

1994  Reizo Kikuchi, MD, PhD

1995  Melchor Antuñano, MD

1996  John D. Hastings, MD

1997  Douglas R. Burnett, MEd

1998  Richard S. Williams, MD, MPH

1999  No Award

2000  Halford R. Conwell, MD

2001  Allen J. Parmet, MD, MPH

2002  No Award

2003  Victor M. Rico-Jaime, MD MS

2004  Michael A. Berry, MD, MS

2005  Graeme Maclarn, MB, BS, D.Av.Med., M.Eng.Sci., FRAes

2006  David P. Millett, MD, MPH

2007  Eduard M. Ricaurte, MD

2008  Prof. Dr. Uwe Stueben

2009  Mary A. Cimrmancic, DDS

2010  Guillermo J. Salazar, MD

2011  David Salisbury, MD, Col.(Ret.), CF

2012  David A. Bryman, DO

2013  Carlos Staff, MD

2014  Pooshan Navathe, MD

2015  Susan E. Northrup, MD, MPH

2016  Kevin Herbert, MBChB, DAvMed.

2017  Mark C. Eidsen, MD

2018 Paulo M. Alves, MD, MS

2019 David G. Schall, MD, MPH

2020 Farhad Sahiar, MD, MS

2021 Warren S. Silberman, DO, MPH

2022 Clayton T. Cowl, MD, MS

2023 Christopher F. Flynn, MD


Photo of Jack Hastings, MD

Award for Outstanding Contributions to Aerospace Neurology and Cognitive Science by an AsMA member.

  1. Establishment: Established by the Civil Aviation Medical Association to honor the memory of John D. “Jack” Hastings, M.D. The award is presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to aerospace neurology and cognitive science, in a single year or over a defined period, for the advancement of cognitive performance risk assessment related to flight or space operations.
  2. Funds management: The plaque award for presentation will be provided annually to AsMA by CAMA.
  3. Eligibility Requirements: Open to current AsMA members who have been members in good standing for the previous five (5) years. The award may be given for achievements over one or several years. Subject to the concurrence of the AsMA Awards committee, one award, or no awards can be awarded in any given year.
  4. Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on an individual having made:
    1. outstanding contributions to aerospace neurology and cognitive science, and
    2. advancement of cognitive performance risk assessment related to flight or space operations. The recipient will be selected by the AsMA Awards Committee.
  5. Nomination: Members can be nominated for award by AsMA members.
    1. Complete AsMA award nomination form
    2. The AsMA nomination form should demonstrate individual meets the selection criteria.
  6. Recognition: The recipient will be selected by the AsMA Awards Committee. The award will be presented at Honors Night at the annual scientific meeting and an award plaque with the winner’s name will be presented to the award winner. The winner’s names will be recorded and kept at the AsMA home office.
2023 Roger R. Hesselbrock, MD

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