About the Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA)

CAMA is an organization dedicated to preserving safety through
innovative programs, education, and training.


Although education is the central mission of the organization, CAMA has been a leader in tackling legislative issues that affect aviation safety. Using a deep network of relationships on Capitol Hill and within federal agencies, the Civil Aviation Medical Association has been the voice of aviation safety for more than 50 years.

Central to its mission is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, including the Federal Air Surgeon’s Office in Washington D.C., and the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City.


CAMA presents a number of awards each year during the Honors Night Banquet at the Annual Scientific Meeting. These awards are an exciting way to recognize not only CAMA members, but also Aviation Medical Examiners and other medical and aviation professionals for their work in the aerospace industry or in the medical profession. An explanation of each award, criteria for consideration of the award, and recipients of each award is provided below:


The Current Version of the Bylaws are available in PDF format. The Bylaws are managed by a committee process.


CAMA began in 1948 as the Airline Medical Examiners Association. It was organized to meet the demands peculiar to the civil aviation medical examiner who, in those days, examined primarily airline pilots. It provided a voice for private aviation medicine where and when necessary.

The Civil Aviation Medical Association adopted its present name in 1955. CAMA later became affiliated with the Aeromedical Association, now known as the Aerospace Medical Association. The resulting close liaison has been rewarding for members of both organizations over the years.


Fellowship in the organization signifies a major accomplishment in an individual’s career in Aerospace Medicine. The Membership Committee recommends to the Executive Board candidates for Fellow.

Fellow candidates must be CAMA members who have made outstanding contributions to CAMA and will be elected at the CAMA Annual Scientific Meeting by the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority of those in attendance. A candidate for Fellowship must:


Gerald W. Saboe, DO, MPH

Immediate Past President:
Warren S. Silberman, DO, MPH

Executive Vice-President:
Sherry Sandoval

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