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CAMA is here to Promote Aviation Safety
Association Awards

Recognizing the talent and leadership that has propelled the organization for more than 75 years

CAMA Fellowship

Celebrating scholarship and commitment to CAMA and its mission


Featuring our annual scientific and educational meeting in the fall of each year


Serving as the voice for FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiners across the United States and internationally


CAMA is an organization dedicated to preserving safety through innovative programs, education, and training.
Our programs train Aviation Safety Leaders

FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiners, pilots, instructors, and regulators know that the Civil Aviation Medical Association is focused on serving the educational needs of aeromedical certification, safety in the airspace, and advocating for safe pilots for decades. Whether it be to attend world-class educational programs for recurrent training or to recognize leaders in aeromedical certification, CAMA's aim is to be a resource and to archive knowledge and talent in the industry by and for medical professionals and other aviation advocates.

  • Educate for the future

    Featuring international speakers from across the spectrum at the annual scientific and educational meeting

  • Recognizing leaders in aerospace medicine

    Annual awards directed to those who serve aviators and promote excellence in aeromedical certification

  • Provide innovative solutions

    Work with the Federal Aviation Administration to find solutions for industry challenges