December 15, 2016

2017 CAMA Meeting Lectures

CAMA Annual Educational Conference

Greensboro, North Carolina (September 14-16, 2017)

All lectures without a link will be posted in pdf format soon. Stand by for download availability.

Available Lectures (click on the link)

AME Program Overview and Performance – Dr. Stephen Veronneau

Aeromedical Assessment Updates from the Federal Air Surgeon’s Office – Presented by Dr. Warren Silberman for Dr. Steve Goodman

CACI Conditions and the Online Guide for AMEs – Dr. Warren Silberman

FAA Cardiology Update – Dr. John S. Raniolo

Aeromedical Legal Issues – Chris R. Stevenson, Esq.

The Aging Pilot – Dr. Robert Haddon

Aviation Neurology – Dr. Jack Hastings

Space Environment and Physiology – Dr. Robert Haddon

Alcohol and Drug Use: Roadmap to Certification – Dr. Daniel Danczyk

FAA Ear, Nose and Throat Updates – Dr. David G. Schall

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Fatigue – Dr. David G. Schall

FAA Ophthalmology Updates – Dr. Alan M. Kozarsky

Mental Fitness to Fly – Dr. Daniel Danczyk

Keynote: “The Rosetta Stone Project” – Dr. Richard S. Williams

Complex Aeromedical Assessment – Dr. Robert Haddon

Infectious Diseases Updates – Dr. Richard S. Roth

Pulmonary Diseases and Pilot Performance – Dr. Clayton T. Cowl

Panel Discussion: “Would you fly with this pilot?”