December 15, 2016

Archived CAMA Meeting Lectures

CAMA Annual Educational Conference

Greensboro, North Carolina (September 14-16, 2017)

Available Lectures (click on the link)

AME Program Overview and Performance – Dr. Stephen Veronneau

Aeromedical Assessment Updates from the Federal Air Surgeon’s Office – Presented by Dr. Warren Silberman for Dr. Steve Goodman

CACI Conditions and the Online Guide for AMEs – Dr. Warren Silberman

FAA Cardiology Update – Dr. John S. Raniolo

Aeromedical Legal Issues – Chris R. Stevenson, Esq.

The Aging Pilot – Dr. Robert Haddon

Aviation Neurology – Dr. Jack Hastings

Space Environment and Physiology – Dr. Robert Haddon

Alcohol and Drug Use: Roadmap to Certification – Dr. Daniel Danczyk

FAA Ear, Nose and Throat Updates – Dr. David G. Schall

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Fatigue – Dr. David G. Schall

FAA Ophthalmology Updates – Dr. Alan M. Kozarsky

Mental Fitness to Fly – Dr. Daniel Danczyk

Keynote: “The Rosetta Stone Project” – Dr. Richard S. Williams

Complex Aeromedical Assessment – Dr. Robert Haddon

Infectious Diseases Updates – Dr. Richard S. Roth

Pulmonary Diseases and Pilot Performance – Dr. Clayton T. Cowl

Panel Discussion: “Would you fly with this pilot?”

Anchorage, Alaska (September 2018)

Archived Lectures from 2018 CAMA Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska that are available are listed below:

Dr. David Schall ENT Updates

Dr. David Schall Obstructive Sleep Apnea Updates

Dr. Richard Roth Update on Infectious Diseases Topics

Dr. Michael Berry OAM Updates

Dr. Warren Silberman Certification Updates

Would you Fly With This Pilot? Sept 2018 version

Dr. Steve Veronneau AME Overview Performance

Dr. Deann King- Documentation

Ms. Kabaz Gomez on Medical Legal issues

Dr. Andrew Miller Cardiology Update Part I

Dr. Andrew Miller – Cardiology Update Pt II

Dr. Daniel Danczyk Substance Abuse Updates

Dr. Daniel Danczyk Mental Health Updates

Aviation Neurology Updates

Dr. Scott Rossow – Neurology Panel notes