March 15, 2016


CAMA Board of Directors Prepares for Winter Planning Meeting

The winter board meeting is slated for Saturday, February 24, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Under the direction of new CAMA President, Dr. Warren Silberman, the board meeting has returned to Texas after the past two years being held in Atlanta. Silberman, an FAA employee working in the Education Division at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City, has been leveraging his contacts and expertise to begin the preparation for a very diverse and robust annual educational and scientific meeting set for September 27-29 in Anchorage, Alaska.

CAMA winter board meetings have traditionally featured a review of finances and active issues that the board is addressing. It has been a venue to lock in scheduled speakers, a decision opportunity on topics for “CAMA Sunday” at the Aerospace Medical Association meeting held in May, and a chance to discuss networking venues and other items for the annual meeting in September.

Silberman is succeeding Dr. Clay Cowl from Mayo Clinic who had served as President in the prior two years. Dr. Gary Saboe, an Occupational Medicine and Aerospace Medicine specialist from San Antonio, is serving as President-elect and will begin his presidency in 2019.

“This year’s meeting will offer a wide range of topics and we are indebted to our FAA colleagues for offering to send speakers for outstanding updates to AMEs,” explained Dr. Silberman. “We look forward to continuing a run of well-organized, and well-attended annual meetings.”