March 15, 2016


Don’t Forget! Renew your individual and corporate memberships now

Now is the time to renew all membership to the association, whether that be for your personal membership, or for those with corporate sponsorships, the corporate membership dues. Those renewal forms are available here:

Renew Your 2019 CAMA Dues Form

Information on 2019 CAMA Corporate Membership

2019 Corporate Membership Dues Form

CAMA Board of Directors Plans February Meeting to Prepare for Annual Meeting in 2019

The Civil Aviation Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting for 2019 has already begun and further preparation will continue as the board meets in Dallas on February 23, 2019 to discuss budgets, speakers, hear updates from the organization and provide strategic direction. The association is enjoying feedback from its very successful annual scientific meeting held in Anchorage, Alaska on September 27-29, 2018. Attendance this past year was higher than expected and lectures from the meeting are now archived and available.

Archived Lectures from 2018 CAMA Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska that are available are listed below:

Dr. David Schall ENT Updates

Dr. David Schall Obstructive Sleep Apnea Updates

Dr. Richard Roth Update on Infectious Diseases Topics

Dr. Michael Berry OAM Updates

Dr. Warren Silberman Certification Updates

Would you Fly With This Pilot? Sept 2018 version

Dr. Steve Veronneau AME Overview Performance

Dr. Deann King- Documentation

Ms. Kabaz Gomez on Medical Legal issues

Dr. Andrew Miller Cardiology Update Part I

Dr. Andrew Miller – Cardiology Update Pt II

Dr. Daniel Danczyk Substance Abuse Updates

Dr. Daniel Danczyk Mental Health Updates

Aviation Neurology Updates

Dr. Scott Rossow – Neurology Panel notes

The latest edition of our publication, “The Flight Physician” was released recently to CAMA members and has updates and other interesting stories. The archived version is available on the link below:

CAMA Flight Physician – November 2018