December 15, 2016


Fellowship in the organization signifies a major accomplishment in an individual’s career in Aerospace Medicine. The Membership Committee recommends to the Executive Board candidates for Fellow. Fellow candidates must be CAMA members who have made outstanding contributions to CAMA and will be elected at the CAMA Annual Scientific Meeting by the Executive Board by a 2/3 majority of those in attendance. A candidate for Fellowship must:

  • Be a CAMA member in good standing for a minimum of 5 consecutive years prior to election.
  • Be a regular, interested participant in CAMA as demonstrated by frequent meeting attendance, submission of articles to the CAMA publications, committee participation, etc.
  • Have an active interest in civil aviation medicine as demonstrated by medical practice and participation in aviation medical activities.
  • Be respected by peers in national and/or international aviation medical organizations.

Priority will be given to those CAMA members who have made significant contributions to civil aviation medicine.